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Hi everyone I am a recent new graduate Registered Nurse with my BSN from Denver Colorado. My boyfriend and I are looking to move to Michigan within the next month or so for his teaching job in... Read More

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    I would recommend you not to discourage with any of the comments above.
    Apply at DMC . They have about 9 hospitals operating under them. Apply thru their website. I got job offer from 3 of them in 2 weeks time period. I am a new BSN Grad. But I was totally frustated before i got job offer. I almost applied at 70-80 positions in detroit area. No luck for last 2-3 months.
    Then It all happens all of a sudden!!! 3 jobs in 2 weeks )
    So Please think positive and be optimistic.
    Good lucj
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    I've been applying constantly too! I've had problems with the BON "processing" all my paperwork. It ended up taking about 12 weeks.

    Did you already have your license when you were offered DMC positions?

    I should be testing in the next few weeks.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I am a new grad here and was hired in April. Our facility (Havenwyck Psychiatric Hospital) seems to always be looking for midnight nurses. A couple from my class were hired at Detroit Receiving, with a few taking LTC positions. Many were hired into their clinical locations. Six people immediately left the state for work elsewhere. I also heard that the VA hospital would take new grads, but the hiring process could take 5-6 months. Good luck.
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    try Henry Ford Hospital, they have 4-5 hospitals, multiple clinics with ER's attached to sites, DMC in Detroit with 7-8 hospitals, U of M, Ann Arbor, and St. Joe's in Ann Arbor (actually Ypsilanti, MI) with 5 hospitals, one in Saline, MI and one in Livingston, MI in Howell, MI. most take new grads,,,,Oakwood System, with 6-7 hospitals, also. good luck
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    Try St. Joe's Ann Arbor- I know they will sometimes hire new grads, i think mostly in med/surg type units. I know a friend who is a new grad and got hired at U of M as well. There are plenty of hospitals in that area, be persistent, drop your resume off in person if possible! Good luck
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    Try the Ann Arbor Dept. of Veterans Affairs at their VA hospital; you can check on jobs via I have worked for them 27 years.
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    Check They usually always have RN positions posted.
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    you have gotten some good advice...there ARE good nursing jobs in the AA/SE Michigan area...they don't just chase people down the street so you have to go after them

    There is a home care company that I would not recommend, and a hospice which is toxic...other than that I know nurses working happily in many of the health systems of the area (including myself)
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    Thank you all for the words of advice. I know I've kind of taken over this thread, but I did have a couple of questions for you all.

    I've been applying for positions for months now as an un-licensed, graduate nurse with very little feedback. I finally have my test date, AUGUST 2nd!!! Wish me luck. Anyway, I am not from the area either. I am heading to Ann Arbor tomorrow for some huge craft fair thing. I like to put a picture with all these hospitals. So I should drive-by St Joes, UofM, and the VA? Are there any others I should be aware of? I've used google.

    I live in the Troy area, and apply for several positions on a weekly basis. I should start to get some more feedback when I have my license, right?! Cross my fingers that I pass ! I've been studying for a while now!
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    When you apply at Lakeland, make sure to check for Nurse Tech positions. Many times Lakeland will hire candidates that are soon to be nurses and hire them as a "Nurse Tech" until they have passed their boards.

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