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Need Baker College Kaplan Test Prep Tips

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    I will be applying to the nursing program at Baker College Flint this month and will be taking the Kaplan in June. I would like to begin studying right away so I've began looking for study guides, A&P refresher materials, etc... I've that the study guide for the Kaplan is not very useful so I am trying to find other suggestions for studying methods. I still plan on getting the study guide book for the Kaplan but I just want to be as prepared as possible. Thank you guys so much for your suggestions!

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    I did not use a study guide and I only studied my basic math. The Kaplan entrance exam was so incredibly random with the science portion. I'm sorry, I really have no advice for you. Just try to sleep well the days leading to your test, because you may not sleep well the night before; drink lots of plain water, do some stretches each morning, and steer clear of refined carbs for a few days leading up to the test.

    Good luck! Post your story about taking Kaplan when you're done; other people are always curious to know what it's like.
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    Just found this! I am taking the Kaplan in the winter and would like to know a little bit about it! How'd you do? Do you know if you got in or not?
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    I scored an 86% on the Kaplan and had an overall GPA of 3.82 science GPA was 3.9 my overall points were 92.52 out of 100. I ranked at 15 out of 40. For the Kaplan, know your heart, electrolytes, and neurological systems. A lot of it is common sense. The math is basic. Fractions, decimals, conversions, maybe basic off-algebra. Reading and writing are almost identical to Kaplan prep book. Prep book was not helpful in science you either know it or you don't. You get your score right away. If you get 90 or more points you are in an excellent.position.