need advice: baker or oakland community college for lpn to rn?

  1. I am already an LPN. I applied for 2 colleges for my RN in case I dont get in one of them. I just got my acceptance letter at BAker Auburn Hills for their LPN to RN program and I already enrolled and bought books at OCC Southfield(which can be refunded classes didnt start yet) because I got accepted first into their TPN program.

    I have until tomorrow to decide which school I must go to. I heard of some negative reviews for both schools. At OCC, I have 2 nurse coworkers I heard who failed the program only 1 of them graduated, the other had to go to Excelsior after she failed before she made it.For me, the program at OCC is too long (1 1/2 years), I am not sure if financially I will have enough budget to pay all of my bills with the program this long.Plus, with my 2 nurse coworkers who failed, I am scared that OCC will be too strict with clinicals because I know community colleges are so competitive that they easily fail people in clinicals. THe advantage is they are fully accredited.

    At Baker, I like how the program is shorter only 10 months and I heard they are not too strict with clinicals but I am concerned with how they could not make up their minds. They keep changing DONs, their required pre-requisites and I heard they are not fully accredited so I might have a problem with RN to BSN.

    If somebody could please give me some advice to guide me. I can still bear a lengthy nursing program as long as I have a higher chance of passing and graduating.I tried to be an RN for almost 11 years now and I am already tired if I fail again.SO please to any nurse who graduated either from OCC or Baker if you could please share me some of your experiences,specially with clinicals in either of these schools. I just want to make sure I graduate straight and on time. Thank you.

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    Truthfully if Baker isn't fully accredited then I wouldn't choose it. I would go with OCC, that way you can easily bridge from RN-BSN.
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    For what it's worth, I graduated from the OCC ADN program (not the bridge program) in April of this year. If I were you, I'd go with OCC for these reasons:

    It's much, much cheaper than Baker.
    It is fully accredited.
    It has a very good reputation. Baker, like most for-profit schools, does not have the best reputation.

    I don't think the added expense (and possibly debt, if you are financing the program) is worth saving less than a year in duration.

    However, with that said, I can't deny that OCC's program is a tough one. Truly, many do not make it and many more have to retake a class (one chance to do so) to finish it.

    Whatever you decide, best wishes on your journey to RN!

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