MIHP (Maternal Infant Health Program)

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    Hi all,
    As a new grad I just got a job with a home care agency doing the Maternal Infant Health Program. Sounds pretty great, and since I want to be a L&D nurse, its right up my alley. FYI, I also have a BA in Psych. I was just wondering if anyone has done this- I'd love to get some info from some nurses who have worked for the program. I haven't started yet, so I'm wondering what I'm getting into Also, the agency pays $40 per visit, no mileage or gas. Is this normal? High? Low? Thanks for any info/advice!

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    Very Cool!!

    Which MIHP are you working for?

    Check out the website www.michigan.gov/mihp for lots of info. Pay attention to the Operations Guide and required forms. There's also trainings for CEs, resources, a twitter feed and a link to text4baby

    Welcome aboard!
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    The scary part about this is anyone can open one of these. I worked for a woman for 2 weeks and she not only did not have command of the English language, but her business and her personal life were a complete MESS.

    Unpaid late bills all over her desk, unprofessional calls and texts to me and patients. I handed in my paperwork and told her not to call me anymore.
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    Ooo--let the consultants at the state know if there is an issue. There shouldn't be a scary agency out there.

    Ingrid Davis and Joni Detwiler are the two at the state. There's even a list of which agencies they work with so you can call the right one.
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    Hi I work for a new MIHP that is chrisitian-faith base. Look out for any agency that treats the staff poorly. My agency is in Southfield, Michigan. This agency clients are located in the suburbs like Wixom, Novi, Sterling Heights, Ferndale, Bloomfield etc. Just to confirm the pay scale it is between $35.00-$40.00 per half hour non clinical visit and $40.00-$50.00 for an admission hour completion.
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    Hello, I am sorry to bother you, but I just came across this conversation, as maternal/newborn is a great interest of mine! I am currently in the program at OCC Southfield, I will graduate with my LPN in April 2012 and the bridge program will complete my RN with just 2 more semesters! What agency are you with in Southfield? I am also a Christian and would love to be involved in a Christian-faith based company!! Thank you for your time. I never have written anyone on this site, so I hope I am doing this right
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    I am also an OCC RN ladder program graduate. I attended St. Clair Community College for my LPN. As a new nurse please research all jobs before you apply anywhere. The maternal infant health program is a home visiting program that is totally teaching no hands on. There are over 117 providers agencies in Michigan and 30 or more are located in Metro Detroit. Check the State of Michigan site MIHP and it will give you all the details of the program including the care plans. We would love to have you at our agency once you have your RN that is the State of Michigan guidelines. Let me know what you think about the site.
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    I'm actually not doing that...I had planned on it, but got into a hospital instead!! It seems very interesting though, and right up my alley. I start my new hospital job in 11 days! Wish me luck!
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    Thanks for the info Laborofluv- I did check out the forms online, and I started doing the modules when I was going to sign on with that agency, but the agency didn't give me a very good vibe, and now I won't have the time, especially since my hosp. orientation is full time for 12 weeks and a 100 mile commute (one-way). I do plan to move closer, but for now its only a casual position, so if and when I'm offered full-time that's when I'll move. But if they keep me casual, I will be sure to contact you to see if you need help at your agency- I was licensed in April... thanks again!!
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    You will be great at whatever hospital or position you choose.:spin:
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