Michigan community college nursing waiting lists

  1. does anyone know the nursing waiting lists for comunity colleges in michigan
    such as

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    GRCC is 3-4 yes for RN.Lake MI Comm College doesn't have a wait list.
  5. by   mistydbuffa
    macomb community college, oakland community college are both competitive entry- no waitlist, based on how well you do in prerequisite courses, and entrance exams. Not sure about most of the others, though the standard average seems to be anywhere from 2-4 years- There are other programs and colleges that offer RN, - oakland univeristy, rochester college, davenport, ITT, etc... I would go to each schools website, check their accreditation and admission policies...

    Personally I chose baker college, it is a competitive entry program, and still waiting to see if i will start in the fall or not.

    good luck in whatever you choose to do.