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Well, another year means another time for more score updates. I am getting ready to take my HESI in a couple weeks to apply for the 2012 Nursing Program and I must say I am really beginning to get nervous! Thanks to their recent... Read More

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    I know that we all have to get CPR certified before we start, does anyone know of a place around that offers it. I found some you can do online but I'd rather do it in person, how is everyone else doing it?
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    JillS91 - I'm planning on going thru this company BLS Healthcare Provider: Basic Life Support Training they teach BLS and I guess it's around $60. I think MCC also offers something thru their continuing ed program, but it was more $$
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    Richmond Lenox EMS does it every 2nd sat of the month. It is $50 and very good. 9am to 12 and you are done. I don't know were you are but the EMS post is on 32 mile road.
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    Anyone else get their start letters? Any other Octobers out there?
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    JillS91 got August
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    I got January, anyone with me?
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    I called a couple of weeks ago to see if I got moved up on the alternate list and I got moved from 10th to 4th but I have not called since then. Has any other alternates called?
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    Quote from rnstudenthpfl
    I got January, anyone with me?
    Same here. Apparently I need to take the Intro to Psych class here, mine transferred over as a sociology credit. Oh well, no big deal-still in and that's what matters to me.
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    October start date here!!

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