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Well, another year means another time for more score updates. I am getting ready to take my HESI in a couple weeks to apply for the 2012 Nursing Program and I must say I am really beginning to get nervous! Thanks to their recent... Read More

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    Quote from kc0320
    Yep originally I was 10 but they had accepted 5 to start with so that makes me 4th now and I remember them saying not to expect anything until January/March now either but she was very nice you just may have caught her at a bad time. I was accepted into the respiratory therapy program though and that would start in August so I think I am going to start that and see if I am going to like it. Any thoughts??
    WOW 4th.... THATS REALLY CLOSE. I feel confident that that you have a high chance of getting in, even if they are going to call later in the year. Thats a tough one--- starting the respiratory therpay in August. Ohhhh Im not sure what to tell you. You can start it, but if (when) you get called into nursing --- you can drop out of RT. If you do start RT, then dont buy school books and supplies until last minute just incase you get a call in August for nursing.. Keeping fingers crossed.

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    Anyone remember when she said we were supposed to get our start date letters? I saw last years group didn't get theirs till June 21 so that's possibly almost another 3 weeks of waiting :/
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    I just called...... -------- said mid June letters will go out, ugh I thought they said like two weeks at the meeting, oh well I guess I'll have to start planning later than I hoped
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    Wow that's a little bit of a wait. I have to start getting all of my immunizations and job hunting going now. I need to find something that let's me work around school. Unfortunatly I will be paying all out of pocket. I am hoping to get back into a hospital. Judging by my rank,96 I am thinking January. It will be nice to have that confirmation letter. Thanks guys for the update
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    I agree, I want to start getting my immunizations and everything together as well. I ranked right with you su85 so I'm sure I'll be January too but if for some crazy reason we get to start in October, I need to find child care and latch key options for my kids. It would be nice to be able to know the schedule and sign up for latch key before the kids schools get out of the summer.
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    If anyone is planning on getting your clinical uniforms, know that they run BIG! My daughter usually wears small or medium tops and pants. She bought the last of the extra-smalls with room to spare. They will let you try them on in the restroom next to the bookstore. They are currently out of the nursing patches and now the extra small uniforms.
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    how much are the scrubs in the bookstore? I just looked online and the tops were $47 and the bottoms $31 - ouch! And does anyone remember what the 'lab pack' consists of in the bookstore? and how much that is?
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    For the three tops and one bottom, total with tax was $74.62. Will go back when they get more pants in her size.
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    I just wanted to be certain about the titers, drug screening, and background check. As long as they are done before the start date, I should be set right? As for the background check, is that already set since we signed the paper at the orientation or do we still have to go do the fingerprinting? I don't remember anything mentioned about that. Also, does anybody know if they will be selling used uniforms again?
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    Another thing I'm curious about... I went into webadvisor on My Profile and there was an estimated completion date for the nursing program. Has anyone else checked that?

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