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I am looking for grads from IIT nursing program. I called ITT Canton and I am on the waitlist for March 2013. I am aware that they don't have accreditation and I am also aware of the cost. I am a... Read More

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    My score dropped to an 83.5% after they added my personality test. I dont know how that happened.
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    @blt995 well, pass the hesi. No school will give you a diploma if you dont pass a Hesi exit exam, this means u dont know enough to become a nurse. I really hope that you do pass and tha you become a wonderful nurse someday! I would hate for all of my time and money get tossed away.
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    They take your math scrore and youe english score (not the composite english) add those and do the average. That's what I was told
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    I am a current ITT TECH Canton Nursing Student. I am going into my 3rd quarter. It has been a good experience for me so far. I have a 4.0 grade point average. Nevermind the negative comments because other people may experience different things from you. Everyone has different experiences with schools. I cant complain about the school because they really help you out. They really want to see you succeed. (Yes they are REALLY expensive) but its up to you how you choose to spend your money and your time. One thing I will say is get into study groups. (It really helps) Find someone (like myself) from the previous classes to latch on to and ask questions. ( I wish the classes before mine were as nice as my class is) ....... Good luck and congrats again!!!!
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    I go to Itt tech canton and start in September!!
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    @blt995 did u ever pass ur exit HESI they told me Tuesday at orientation that everyone passed on they're third time is that true?

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