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Lansing Community College Accelerated RN Program, Is it Too Fast?

  1. 0 Hello Ladies:
    First off, congratulations to you all, by now most of you have completed the RN program at LCC. I am currently taking pre reques, and I will be applying to the accelerated program during the Spring 2014. As I was reading some of the comments, I noticed that there were some mixed feeling and hesitation about the intensity of the 2nd degree/accelerated program.

    I was hoping to get some feed -back form you all as previous students, as to how the faster pace went for you. Would you recommend the accelerated program or not?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Moved to our Michigan State Nursing Programs forum. Look around for similar posts about program.
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    I'm in the traditional track, 2 year program and think it's overwhelming at times... Okay a lot of the time and I can't imagine the accelerated program. The benefits though is that you don't take summers off and I think that helps to continue to build on knowledge rather than lose some during that time. I personally wouldn't do it if you plan on working or have kids, but you can do anything if you really want it. Good luck!
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    This is an older thread but I just wanted to say that I was in the 1st accelerated group at LCC. It was stressful but totally doable. I worked part time through part of the program and many of my classmates worked & also had children. If I had to go back in time, I wouldn't do it any other way.