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    as many of you know or may not know itt- tech canton campus has a new rn program. i am one of the thirty who got accepted into the program and so far so good. it has been a few minor snags but that is to be expected with something new. i had read in a former post that other people were having a hard time getting credits to transfer and things like that but i am happy to say that i did not have any of those problems. i am interested to see the nclex-rn pass rating for people in other states because we follow the same curriculum but all in all i am pretty happy with the program. one of the pro's of the program is the time it takes to get through and not having to spend time on a waiting list. it is also a compact program so if ur an adult coming back to school the pre-reqs are included in the program. the instructors have also been very warm and helpful which makes me alot more comfortable.the con's so far is the price and the fact that your credits may not transfer to a major university but will transfer to somewhere like phoenix i've heard... it's all new but so far i am enjoying being apart of the first group! check out an info session... it may very well be for you!

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    WOW, Congrats on getting in. When will you graduate? I saw the banner up for a day or so and it disappeared. Where do they do clinicals? Man, ITT is only 2 miles from my house. Will you do basic (ie: english, psych, gov, math if needed) classes there?
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    How long is the program? And what is your schedule? Congratulations!
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    Actually I'm getting to take the Hesi for there? What is your schedule like.
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    Hi! Good luck to you, that is awesome! I have a question though, I think the issue about ITT RN program was not them accepting your credits taken prior in, but the ability to transfer out, that other universities "may" not take the credits you earn at ITT towards an RN to BSN program. Could you verify this? I'm curious to know :0)
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    I know That the University of Pheinox accepts ITT for the Rn to Bsn, I have already checked because I plan on doing online classes while I'm working as an RN.
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    Tell me about the program. I'll hopefully be starting this spring and would love some info - like which hospital are the clinicals held at?? Thanks!
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    Congrats to u I'm glad u like the program so far! I am trying to get in for the spring as well and am super nervous! Do give as much info as u can!
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    Are you still attending? How is it going I will be starting in Sept. would love to hear anything about your experience so far.

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    Congratulations! I hope everything is going smoothly! And I am so proud of you that you are also going to be working on your BSN while working on your RN that is so smart! I wish you the best of luck

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