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Hi everyone, Was curious to see if anyone is applying for Henry fords fall program for 2017. Any current students in the program that can offer any tips or advice? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   dede93
    Received mine as well!! Can't wait
  2. by   fadia123
    Hi Im applying in August for Winter 2018 but have to take the NAT soon I attended the preparation session but scared from vocabulary test, can someone tell me how to study for the English part of the test? at the meeting we were told the vocab words provided online is not enough! any tips can be very helpful please !
  3. by   123496
    Hello :-) I scored a 94 on Vocabulary and studied just what was in this book. The reading part was the toughest for me but there is really no way to prepare its tests your comprehension of things and as i feel there was more than one correct answer for many of the questions. Studied just the math in the book as well and got a 98 on that. Be sure to know your conversions and how to figure out ratios. Any other questions feel free to ask !

    Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4e: 978323353786: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com
  4. by   Ahanna7
    The HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review (4th ED) is very popular. A lot of the vocabulary questions that are on the HESI exam are also in this book. Research extensively whatever your weakness(es) are. Google searches, library books, and Learning Lab tutors are great resources. It's a great book, but I did extensive research outside of this book, too. Be sure to allow yourself EXTRA time to study.
  5. by   fadia123
    I'm very nervous but I bought the Hesi A2 app and I've been studying the book and the free practice exams I found online. thank you very much!
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  6. by   fadia123
    I will keep studying the book thank you so much!
  7. by   dede93
    Just a few weeks left for our first orientation! Is anyone attending the AM time?
  8. by   123496
    I will be be attending the early AM one I'm super excited to find out exactly how this will be structured as well as finally staring in august !!
  9. by   dede93
    Yeah hopefully they go over that and registration too.
  10. by   123496
    Hey fadia123 were you able to take the NAT yet?
  11. by   FutureRNur
    Hello! Congrats to everyone who made it in! I was wondering what you guys made on the HESI And how long it took y'all to study for it?
  12. by   fadia123
    not yet I will take it May 25th
  13. by   FutureRNur
    Good luck! I hope you ACE it! I take it in July please let me know how it went! I have one question..how many points did you end up with with out the HESI?