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While looking at all the different schools to go to, it looks as though having all requirements for HFCC Nursing, are on the waiting list, and when it's your turn then you are automatically accepted.... Read More

  1. by   MrsDeeDubs
    PS) I forgot, the passing score for the HFCC program is 80%.
  2. by   kmasum
    Congratulation MrsDeeDubs :mortarboard: !! finally we got someone who graduated from HFCC!! please tell us which nursing class you found really hard? how hard the NCLEX test? please name some good/worst instructors from Nursing dept in HFCC. how was your clinical experience? wishing you good luck in your new job !!
  3. by   amybethf
    Quote from MrsDeeDubs
    Hello future HFCC nurses,

    I just graduated from HFCC in May and took my NCLEX today (state boards). All I can tell you is, yes, it is a tough tough program. I was in the class that started January 2005 and we went straight thru til this spring (about 18 months). It was pretty intense, and a considerable number of students didn't make it. I do recommend you knock off all your pre-reqs first. I know the program and pre-reqs have changed some since I started, so your best bet is contacting the nursing office or going on-line for the catalog.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I started my new job at U of M Hospital last week and won't be around much, but I'm always checking in! Good luck!
    Thanks for that, us future students have been wondering alot about the program. What was the hardest class - med/surg? How is it that so many students don't make it thru in your opinion? What was the most difficult aspect? Thanks so much :spin:
  4. by   Nene22
    Ok need help getting started I am taking Ah120, psy253eng132right now for the require classes for nursing at Henry ford I haven't taken the net test yet but how long is the waiting list
  5. by   washilla
    hey nene,

    i went on the wait list in july of 2009 and was accepted for the fall 2011 class so the wait is about 2 years.

    good luck.

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