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Everest Institute LPN, is it worth it? - page 3

I have completed my nursing pre-recs but they still tell me it is a 4-5 year wait. My question is, has anyone gone to everest Institute for LPN and passed the Nclex and been refused a job becasue... Read More

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    I am do to start Dbi LPN program in January! I am nervous about the school and I can not find much information on the school. How or what can I do to make sure they are accredited?
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    Have anyone went to everest for lpn and got a job right after
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    I graduated in Dec 2010. The next day after graduating I moved from Michigan to Maryland. I sat for the NCLEX-LPN in January 2011 and started working Feb 21,2011. So i started working 2 months after graduating. I went back to school and completed the RN bridge program and now I am working as a RN. I am very grateful for Everest! !!
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    Thanks for the information I start tomorrow.