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I have completed my nursing pre-recs but they still tell me it is a 4-5 year wait. My question is, has anyone gone to everest Institute for LPN and passed the Nclex and been refused a job becasue... Read More

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    Quote from proudpops
    Im level 2 at the Merrillville campus......you get what you pay for as far as the school itself goes, the idea that you wont be able to get a job is nonsense nursing homes are ALWAYS hiring.......
    How do you like the Merrillville campus? How much is the tuition there? Is there anything that you don't care for about the school?


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    is that a two year program? how do you like it so far? sorry for the million questions
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    Quote from mammasews
    My question is, has anyone gone to everest Institute for LPN and passed the Nclex and been refused a job becasue they went to Everest? I have heard both pro and con about this school. I know it is expensive but with MI works, FAFSA and student loans I can make it finanacially. I just don't want to get stuck paying for a career where no one will hire me.
    I don't think people generally care where you went to school as long as you pass the NCLEX and you are competent. The only problem with Everest is the outrageous cost. I considered going back in 2008, and had a meeting with an advisor.

    My first question was about how much the program cost and he kept deflecting my question until the end of our meeting when he finally told me it would be around $18,000 (for an LPN program). Knowing that LPNs made around 18-22$ starting in the area I thought that having that much in debt would be a bad idea.

    The advisor was very pushy though, and kept talking about how much better off he thought I would be if I took the program, and how being thousands of dollars in debt wasn't a big deal . It was clear that he was trying to sell the program.
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    My sister in law previously attended Everest in Merriville for her LPN(back when they were known as Olympia Fields College), and she graduated a few years back. Fast forward to 2012 and it's hard for her to work in some hospitals and nursing homes because they are not accredidated. She only works temp agencies at the moment. She wants to go back to school as an RN but most schools barely want to transfer her credits over!! She is having a hard time after completing the program,so I suggest do your homework and look for an accredidated institution with a reasonable tuition. It raises a flag to me when they have to keep changing their name or barely want to give you the tuition breakdown as a prospective student. Just be careful, because you don't want to invest in all that money and can't even use your degree.
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    Well, I graduated from everest in december last year. My total cost for school was about 35000. I have about 29000 in loans that have tobe paid back. I am extremely happy that I didn't let negative people who have not experienced the process discourage me from going to school. I had been trying to get into nursing school for a while and everest is one of two schools in my area that don't have a waiting list. I finished the program in under a year with blood, sweat and tears and it was the best decision i ever made for my education. The longer you wait to go to school the more money you'll miss out on making and the cost of school NEVER goes down, it only increases. Don't procrastinate! Go and DO IT! Any school is what you make of it and any nursing school is going to change your life. Nursing school made me a better person. There's always a catch to every situation... The question is how bad do you want it?
    To clarify, Everest is not a school that can transfer credits of educational value. You'll get 25 empty credits to transfer but none of the classes will. So you still have to do your pre-reqs before you get into another program. You don't get a degree, you get a certificate. You are an lpn, not a rn. Hospitals rarely hire lpns because they have PCT that do more than lpns do. LPN's can't start an IV,but PCTs can. If you want to know about nursing school ask a nursing student who is doing well in their classes, a nurse instructor or the nurse at your doctor's office. Nothing worth anything is easy. Stop playing with yourself and get up, go out there and be somebody that makes a difference in the world. Be the change that makes sense
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    @Chestnutfox, very well said and positive words spoken to this topic.

    I too am sitting on the fence trying to decide where and when to go. Yes, very valueable time is passing but I will hopefully make a concious and through decision this time.

    I wish everyone the best!
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    I am do to start Dbi LPN program in January! I am nervous about the school and I can not find much information on the school. How or what can I do to make sure they are accredited?
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    Have anyone went to everest for lpn and got a job right after
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    I graduated in Dec 2010. The next day after graduating I moved from Michigan to Maryland. I sat for the NCLEX-LPN in January 2011 and started working Feb 21,2011. So i started working 2 months after graduating. I went back to school and completed the RN bridge program and now I am working as a RN. I am very grateful for Everest! !!
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    Thanks for the information I start tomorrow.

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