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I'm looking into the Everest institute LPN program in Southfield.. I called and they want you to attend an info meeting however, I will be out of town on the next two dates they are offering. Has anyone gone to one of these... Read More

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    Quote from MsAshley
    Everest accepts for the full time program in january may and september if im not mistaken. The part time its being offered in february. That's the class that I will be in. I'm excited and looking forward to it. The price is pretty steep but at this point im just ready to get started and tired of waiting!! If I didn't have to work I definitely would have taken the full time route.so far though it has been pretty organized. I hope it stays that way!!
    Thanks... I just saw they went on charging 30 000 for the LPN program... is that right? omg!

    I might still apply to this. can't stand being out of school for a year now!

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    Yea that price is right sad to say. I'm going to hate these loans once its time to pay it back but I figure people finance cars for that price and it won't last nearly as long as your education!!
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    Hi MsAshley,

    I take my HESI A2 on the 22nd and wanted to know how hard is the Math section? Are there any hard math word problems? How hard is the exam? Is there algebra on there?
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    patientlywaiting33 I will be attending a information meeting in mar how do you like it
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    Im in I am going Full Time and I start May 2.... Anyone out there starting. I ready to start a study group. Any takeres????
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    I have the informational meeting next month...I already have my heart set on it though, so I hope I get in. How do you like it so far?

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