Does anyone have any information on the University of Detroit Mercy?

  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any information or personal experiences with the University of Detroit Mercy.
    I'm transferring there in the Fall of this year to work on my final pre-reqs so that I can apply for their nursing program for the Fall of 2009. I won't be visiting the college until its time for me to move there, so I'd love some info on what to expect.
    Does anyone have any insight as to what the school is like in general? Is it's atomsphere like that of a little private college or like that of a big university? What is their nursing program like and how big is it? Are how hard are the classes in general? Do the classes have average expectations or above average expectations? (the community college I'm at now likes to make things hard)
    My apologies if I should have posted this anywhere else!
    Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   saskenn
    Hey there Maria,
    I'm also in the process of applying to the university and I have the same questions. Seems there aren'y many U of D attendees on this board, because I have also asked this question, with not many replies. I have also tried emailing Sharon Toles whose in control of admissions, and she very rarely responds. I'm taking BioChem this summer at a community college, and will hopefully be starting U of D this fall. Biochem is my last prereq, so I'm amped. The Univeristy of Detroit is in the inner city and does have a big campus feel. I'm from Detroit, so I don't really let the inner city bother me. I see you're from Washington, so you might do pretty well there too.If you have any questions about the city, please pm me. And it I find out anything else about the school, I will pm u. HTH:wink2::typing
  4. by   parris
    I just applied for U of D's Second Degree Program for 2009. My family is very concerned with the safety of the campus. Do you have any insight on how it is for a female to be living there along?
    Thanks and good luck!
  5. by   saskenn
    You'll b fine. The school is in the inner city. However the city isn't half as bad as the media plays it out to be. There are several police stations that canvas the area on a regular basis. It will be a bit of change from what you're probably used to but, the campus is very diverse. There's plenty to do in the area. The school is great, both my sister and her husband graduated from there. Believe me there's no way that udm would have such a great reputatuon if it weren't true. Being in the city has nothing to do with the education that you recieve, and you'll be perfectly safe. It's no different than going to a school in another major city such as NY. Things happen no matter where you go, but there's no more trouble in detroit, than there is anywhere else. I've lived here my whole life...believe me I know what I'm talkin about.:typing

    Quote from parris
    I just applied for U of D's Second Degree Program for 2009. My family is very concerned with the safety of the campus. Do you have any insight on how it is for a female to be living there along?
    Thanks and good luck!
  6. by   parris
    Thanks for the info. I felt that if they have a good school there the area can't be that bad. My family was told some bad stories about people who went there a long time ago. Now just waiting on my application.
  7. by   SnowStar4
    I would say campus is alright too but be careful when you stray from it. And have theft protection on your car...police recommend the club. I know several people who have had there cars stolen on and near campus, and not always fancy cars I'd expect to be stolen.

    Side note: Having lived near NYC and several other major can't say they are the same as D-town without knowing what you are talking about. We win dangerous awards for a reason. Every large cities has bad areas, but most seem to be defined areas unlike Detroit. I'm not saying never go there or don't give it a chance because the city needs it and it trying to bounce back, but I protect myself ANYWHERE in Detroit.
  8. by   parris
    Thanks for the advice. Do you have any recommendation as far as living and apartments go? I would be a single female living possibly by myself. Any other advice would be very much appreciated.
  9. by   tonyal
    Stay in the subs. royal oak, clawson, troy, have a lot of options for apts. sudio and larger. there was a thread not to long ago with a bunch of apt. listing in it. I'm not sure what it is like south of the campus. so I don't have any suggestions for that way.
  10. by   John20
    Clawson is a good value. It's not as expensive as Royal Oak or Troy but is just as safe. It's up in the 12-14 mile road area and a straight shot down to U of D.

    I live on the East side (Macomb) and like it a lot. You can get even more for your money in Sterling Heights or Shelby Township, but it's a little farther away so gas prices are something to consider. Northern Warren is nice as well, but you probably wouldn't want to live on the South side (9 & Van Dyke/Dequindre). Good luck to you.
  11. by   SnowStar4
    I would probably stay away from Warren for renting. I grew up there and am realated to many police/firefighters in the city and area and they can tell you that you do not want to rent in Warren. I feel totally safe in my parents neighborhood but renting is a different story.

    I have some buddies living in Sterling Heights at some descent apartments. I think they are high 600s for a one bedroom and there were smaller one bedrooms for a bit cheaper. I went with him to look for apartments since he is from Muskegon and he ended up there for size and price. He wanted Royal Oak but not the cost. He is at Shoal Creek on Ryan Road along with some other people I know.

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