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Hey Everyone, Davenport University has as everyone knows changed there Associate Nursing program is to now a BSN degree program! No problems there! I am however taking a Biostatistics class. Then I am taking a Chemistry... Read More

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    So I had turned my application in, however I did not recieve a letter yet? I was wondering if you recieved yours yet? As I am soo anxious, and wondering if they have sent them out yet.

    Take Care, Persephone

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    So I had turned my application in, however I did not recieve a letter yet? I was wondering if you recieved yours yet?

    Take Care, Persephone
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    Mine is in too.

    I saw a woman from admissions last week who said we should see letters around the 15th, so later this week, I think.

    But she didn't really know for certain, so who knows? It could be today!

    The waiting is killing me tho...
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    The letters aren't suppose to be mail for another couple weeks. I believe I was told late April early May. But the nursing department should have that info. I am just as anxious and excited but I prayed about it and let it go. Meet you when class starts (positive note)
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    K this wait is taking sooo long I have my hopes up, as I would love to get into the program!

    Have you recieved any letters yet? As well look forward to meeting everyone when class starts

    Take Care, Persephone
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    Not yet.

    I have a suspicion that we won't get them until winter term is over, so, last week of April or first week of May I am thinking at this point, but yeah, I am with you, I'd really like to know what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life.
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    Good luck to all of you applying!!!
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    Every day I check the mail box and every day its not there and then I get really grumpy for a little while...

    It's going on two months now, I am having a really hard time understanding what the hold up is...


    Edited to Add: Advisor says the letters are going out next week (which is more or less what I figured, they want everyone to finish their Winter terms without distraction I am sure).

    I guess it's just as well, we'll be between terms so I'll have the chance to absorb the rejection if that's what it is, or, on the other hand, contain and somewhat expend my joy if accepted.
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    I'm with all of you. Today was the day to confirm the enrollment. I had to confirm my Statics today but at the same time If I'm not excepted I would not need to take this class.

    Patiently waiting
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    Hello everyone, I pray that all is well and you guys are still breathing from the anticipation lol.....I have some news, I spoke with my advisor (counselor) today 4/20 and she told me that the letters will leave out of Davenport next week. So we should know something by the end of next week. Good Luck to all or should I just say "I will see you all in class"
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