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Hey Everyone, Davenport University has as everyone knows changed there Associate Nursing program is to now a BSN degree program! No problems there! I am however taking a Biostatistics class.... Read More

  1. by   Anoetos

    I am currently taking both Micro and A&PII at the same time...it is a lot, but it's definitely doable. I find myself in a bit of a mental stutter occasionally, trying to shift between two very different and yet overlapping types of biology.

    As for the rest, April's advice is excellent. I am not sure whether medical experience is helpful or not. But to reiterate April's note: It seems like TEAS score, Essay and Recommendations were weighted a little more than GPA.
  2. by   Anoetos
    Got 4 shots, 4 tubes of blood taken and a bit of a shock to my lower GI today...this better be worth it.
  3. by   SamanthaLP
    Lol... all the pain will be worth it! I had to do everything we are required to do when starting at Beaumont as an NA, so it will be very helpful to have everything done!

    Ms. Ashley- I personally think that for me the healthcare experience helped me out ALOT. I had a 3.71 at D
    U and a lower transfer GPA from Wayne State. I actually had 1 C in one of the pre-reqs, so I did not think I would get in. My two letters were from my Clinical Nurse Manager at work and a Rapid Response RN at Beaumont. Make sure they write out and attach a longer reccommendation to the form DU gives you, I think that helped. I also wrote my essay on how the clinical experience has impacted me and a lot of personal experiences with patients. I am sure if you use your healthcare experience to you advantage it will def. help you out! Good Luck!

    FYI to everyone starting this year- there are a ton of Littman as well as other good brands of stethoscopes on ebay for much cheaper. There is also some of the other supplies as well. It is worth checking out!
  4. by   Anoetos
    Well, it looks like I was on the bubble, but According to my advisor, I was accepted into the accelerated track contingent upon successful completion of one science course (Chem). Since I will have completed Micro which is listed in the curriculum as a first semester class by the time the fall semester starts, I should be able to substitute and be okay.

    Starting to get excited.
  5. by   ACook84
    awesome. congrats mike! sorry if this font is horrible, i am posting from my cell phone and it looks enormous on here. heh! glad you made it though! and congrats on beating me with the slides in micro. hahaha!

    i just heard from one of my buddies that one of our nursing professors (cant name names on here) works at the macomb health department and will apparently do our immunizations for free with our paperwork. so i think i am going next friday to get all of that taken care of. it just seems like so much to do in such a limited amount of time. ahh well, we'll manage!
  6. by   Anoetos
    Do you know if we must have a second TB skin test if the first was negative? I've got all my shots and titers now (except HepB 2 and 3 of course).
  7. by   Anoetos
    Oh, and re: the slides, he said mine was too thick so I think you still won.
  8. by   ACook84
    Quote from Anoetos
    Do you know if we must have a second TB skin test if the first was negative? I've got all my shots and titers now (except HepB 2 and 3 of course).
    From what i have heard, we are required to do two. But i would email the professor in charge to double check.

    Quote from Anoetos
    Oh, and re: the slides, he said mine was too thick so I think you still won.
    Woo Hoo!!! Maybe if you hang out with me long enough, some of my perfection will rub off on you! lol! jk!

    Also...i don't remember if i mentioned it already, but i checked out the mens board like you mentioned and it was QUITE amusing. Makes me happy that i am not one of those CRAZY drama chicks that nags and nags. hah! OH...and i read a couple complaints to my fiancee and he just laughed and said "that isn't only in the nursing field" he works with 90% women as well. He could have written it word for word. So i think overall, those are broad complaints from men, about women. hah!
  9. by   ACook84
    Okay....the Fall schedule is up!! Looks like Tuesday and Wednesday for the nursing classes, then i personally have to take medical terminology on fridays.
  10. by   Anoetos

    We can compare in Micro Lab tomorrow, but it looks like we have much the same schedule.

    That Med Term class is one credit, two hours...I wonder what to expect there.
  11. by   ACook84
    Hey Mike, i don't know if Don mentioned it to you, but a BUNCH of us are getting together for dinner on Saturday night. If you are free and like Mexican food, you should come! It'll give you a chance to meet more of your future classmates! Anyhow....I'll tell you more on Thursday, since this site doesn't like us divulging any "identifying information" lol!
  12. by   Anoetos
    Sounds good, let me have the details Thursday.
  13. by   MsAshley
    Hi everyone,
    I was wonderinf if it would be at all possible for you guys to kinda give me a roundabout of what the GPA and the TEAS scores were for those accepted? Like what was the lowest scores accepted? I'm trying to see if I will even have a chance for Fall 2011. Thanks!

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