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Any students from Southeastern Michigan? I see a huge California, New England, Tri-State, VA-MD, and Western Central US presence but rarely anyone from MI, so I was curious. Hello all! I hail from Detroit, MI. I will be... Read More

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    No I didnt get it is it for am and pm class and would you mind emailing it to me rya
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    thank you so much
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    Ur welcome, im so excited.
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    i got my books from amazon too
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    im ready for monday to get here
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    Are u able to pm so we dont add post count to this thread
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    I should have all the books by the end of next month.
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    It should be fun we seem to have a small class
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    this is a very busy schedule but im ready and i thought it was way more people than this.did you go to the pre nursing success work shop.
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    We had our orientation today! It was very informational, but very long! lol We got our textbooks and Omgosh...there are so many... we have been assigned ten chapters to read! I can tell we made a great choice in choosing Everest for our nursing program...welp...I'm off to continue my reading!

    @lilacheart we didn't get to meet but we will in class I'm sure!

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