cheap place to get TB in detroit/ down river area?

  1. 0 cheap place to get TB in detroit/ down river area? I just passed boards! And im tryn to get all my ducks lined up, for the continued job search, I want everything up to date. I, doing my BLS this week end. Thanks for any help!

    ***lol, the tb test, not to catch tb
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    I did my initial test here

    My employer did and paid for the second one. (I don't understand the rational but for initial hire you need two sets of negative tb tests.) Truth is employee health will do both for free. Getting it done in advance of hire only saves you a minor hassle.
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    Is your test going to expire soon? If it is then fine get it done...but if you have a while just wait till you get a job. Mine is good until November and my BLS is good until Dec. But worst case scenario if mine does come up without a job (hopefully not!) then I will get them redone. Try health department. I think I got mine done at the Dearborn Health Department (it's at the Henry Ford Centenial Library on Michagan Ave) I think they were pretty cheap...just google the web site of the health department.
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    Oakwood has a TB clinic at Merriman & Palmer (I think that is Westland - right next to Walter Reuther hospital) that gives the tests for $10. They are open Mon, Tues, and Fri.

    PS-I think this is in partnership with the Wayne County Health dept as they don't give them (at least not at the Wayne location - they sent me to Oakwood.)

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