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  1. Does anybody have any helpful information to future students at this school? I know some were let in for the March 2013 class, and the next class starts Sep. 16th of this year. I'm hoping to talk to anybody whether it's past, current or future about this school!

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  3. by   Sarnol007
    I start on March 18th. Had orientation just this past week and it was very informative. What would you like to know about the school ??
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    I recently graduated from ITT, yes I paid A LOT of money. But, the waiting lists at ALL of the local schools were sooo long. I honestly did not feel that the courses were all that difficult. I was concerned about passing NCLEX, but everyone in my class that has sat for NCLEX has passed. Someone had asked if you can transfer credits in, the answer is YES. I had 16 credits transfer in. If you're tired of waiting and dont want to waste the money retaking classes than check ITT out.

    One thing to keep in mind that noone told me... don't think you will get your Auth to Test from the State right away.... It took about a month and a half to get my ATT, and then all the dates were full for another month.

    Let me know if you have an specific questions.
  5. by   shan409
    I find out in July if I am in for the Sept 2013 class. They accepted my HESI I took at HFCC in May and I have pre-reqs I took at HFCC and Baker, so it's looking good so far. Fin. Aid. went great. Since they transferred in most of my pre-reqs, and I received the pell grant I won't have so many loans to pay back.
  6. by   lovelygirl2121
    *Disclaimer: This note is not to bash or discourage anyone or in any nature!

    I had an appointment interview recently and I must say everything sounded great. The school and the lab rooms look standard. I was told the passing rate for either the 2011 or 2012 class was in the 80%. They also said most of their students passed on their first try. I was happy to hear that because ultimately your schooling is to prepare your for your exam and whatever comes after. I wondered where most of their students were employed after graduating and I was happy to see places like U of M Health System, Botsford and so forth.

    Now that I actually have the curriculum in hand it would be helpful to compare to other RN programs.

    One thing that had me very hesitant is the cost which came to about $53,000 for the program. That seems very high, but the bright side is you might qualify for loan forgiveness and you will make decent money as a nurse.

    After the interview, I called my husband to discuss everything. Knowing me, my husband knows that after getting a RN I would want to get a BSN or MSN eventually. So, my husband if they said anything about their credits transferring over to other schools. I totally forgot one of the most important questions during the interview. And, sure enough, it was not mentioned.

    Per research online, for most RN to BSN programs credits from your previous RN program may transfer over to help complete your BSN. On ITT's website, it clearly states that it is unlikely ITT credits will transfer over to any institution unless it is one of their own. It also says that it is to the sole discretion of that school to accept ITT credits. To me, that is a huge red flag and at the point I decided I will not pursue ITT's nursing degree. I would like to know that my diploma and the hard work I've invested will be accepted anywhere I go.

    With that being said, I am not bashing or discouraging those who are interested in this school. In fact, I think for some people it may be their best choice. If you will be content working as a RN for however long, then this is the program for you. However, if you would like to advance your degree outside of ITT, do your research by contacting schools in your area and see what their advice would be as far as if they would recognize ITT credits/degree.

    Nowadays, many hospitals and other work places (other than nursing homes or hospice care type places) are employing mostly nurses who have a BSN. I know because I've been working in the healthcare field for years and I have family and friends who are nurses who work at a hospital or nursing home.

    I know personally because of all the waitlists many nursing programs have it is such a relief or so exciting to get a call from ITT. But, my advice would be not to rush your decision. Make sure to do your research keeping in mind where or what you would like to do 10-15 years down the road.

    Good luck to you all and your endeavors!
  7. by   shan409
    That was one of my concerns as well. I have checked out Oakland University's RN to BSN program and as long as you have your RN license, you can be accepted. I'm sure there are other schools that we can transfer to, but my concern is that they are not "online schools". I am taking Life Span Psych at HFCC online and....let's just say I like the convienence of taking a class on-line, but I am more comfortable with in class learning.

    I am aware that classes taken at ITT will more than likely not transfer over, but alot of my pre-reqs are from HFCC and Baker. For someone that has not completed most of their pre-reqs, they should be concerned about having to take Life Span Psych, MicroBio, Organic Chem., Eng. Comp, and other pre-reqs classes for their BSN completion.
  8. by   ktudor

    I start the September 2013 class at ITT Canton for the RN program. I'm new to this site, Michigan, and to the school. I'm looking to meet people who are either in the program already or who will be starting around the same time as I am.
  9. by   roseadams
    Quote from ktudor

    I start the September 2013 class at ITT Canton for the RN program. I'm new to this site, Michigan, and to the school. I'm looking to meet people who are either in the program already or who will be starting around the same time as I am.
    hi..i start in canton 09/17/ excited and scared about you?