Baker College of Owosso nursing

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    Is anyone else waiting for their letters?? Im interested to hear how many points people have and how they did on the kaplan!

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    Moved to Michigan State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Im awaiting Baker in clinton twp. Ive had zero responses as well =(
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    I ended up getting my acceptance letter about 2 weeks ago! Im sure you will hear any day now, good luck!!
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    CONGRATS!! We are not supposed to hear back until July 31st or so. WOW...that was quick!! Good Luck!!
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    This wait is absolutely killing me. It has been like one huge count down since I took my kaplan... I worked my tushy off to get the grades I got, and out of a total of 100 points possible I know I have 92.52 points. Not that it even matters. Right at the moment it is nothing but a number as there are not averages to work with... the wait is killing me though really. My classes were as follows. Comp 1 : A Comp 2: A Speech : A- Psych 111: A A&P1: A A&P2: A- Nutrition: A- Patho: A- Into to Micro: A Algebra: B Both Computer courses were A's - I also scored an 86% on my Kaplan- I am so nervous about getting into the program I am almost sick! How did you guys do? Are you feeling confidant?
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    Wow, you should have no problem getting in! I had 88.62 points and got in. I think. It could be a little higher because I transferred my psych class, and I am not sure how gpa transfers to baker because when I went to LCC before, their gpa scale is slightly different. I'm surprised we found out so soon at Owosso. I think you are in very good ranking with your points if its anything like Owosso. I got a 79 on the kaplan and they told me average was your score is very good! Good luck!!
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    Do u know what the cutoff was for you guys??
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    No I don't Are you supposed to get something that says what the lowest and highest points were? I never got anything like that!
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    Hello!For Owosso the points were 84-93. I was suprised on how quick we found out, the email notification is great!

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