Baker College Flint VS. Baker College Owosso

  1. Does anyone know if there is a big difference in the chance of getting in at either Baker Flint or Baker Owosso campus? I have heard that Baker Owosso is easier to get into but I dont know if that is true or just another random rumor. I am closer to Flint but I'm willing to drive to Owosso since it's not much further. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
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  3. by   Despareux
    Did you speak to someone from either schools to discuss the acceptance process? I'm pretty sure they're the same. All the Baker schools use the same books and syllabi. Currently, the only differences are who is teaching the classes and accreditation status. Owosso just received NLNAC and Flint is expected to receive their CCNE by fall.
  4. by   ang829
    I'm pretty sure the process is the same (like you said). They person I heard this from said that the competition is not as stiff at Owosso so that is why it is supposedly easier to get into. I did know about Owosso receiving their NLNAC accredidation which is one reason why I would prefer to get into their program. However, what is CCNE? Is that is good as the NLNAC and/or does it evn matter that much if your school has either of those accredidations? I keep getting mixed feedback when I ask how important it is to a person's future nursing career.
  5. by   Despareux
    As far as accreditation is concerned, CCNE and NLNAC are both good. Both colleges are approved by Michigan and have a 100% pass rate on NCLEX--I think it's the highest out of all [or most] colleges in Michigan. State of Michigan approval means the college is accredited. CCNE, NLNAC, and others are voluntary and cost the school money. Baker has a strong nursing program and a very good reputation for graduating nurses who "know their stuff".
  6. by   OB-nurse2013
    CCNE is generally who accreditts BSN programs and NLNAC is usually does associate degree programs.
  7. by   pinkwhiteout
    I was just recently accepted into the nursing program for the fall for baker college of Owosso and I was curious if anyone knew if it was possible to maintain a job while in the program. I would only be working like 10-15 hours a week but I dont want to do anything that will hurt me into the program. I was wondering if anyone else was planning on working or knew anyone from the program that was able to maintain a job at baker college of owosso's ADN nursing program. Anything would help! Thank you

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