Baker College AH LPN to RN ROLL CALL!!

  1. I am in!!! Who else got in??? Anybody else on board with starting a fb page???
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  3. by   Carebear77
    Just wanted to say hi and congrats. I was in the first year LPN-RN (2009-2010) program at AH. Good luck, it is hard work but worth it in the end If you have questions let me know.
  4. by   NoAverageLPN
    Did you work while attending??
  5. by   lovestitch
    Is anyone currently attending Baker College CT or AH what are your thoughts on the program
  6. by   carme1976
    I graduated last week from Bakers Pn program. I am applying for the RN program. I am taking my entrance exam Thursday .
  7. by   AwesomingRN
    I was sitting at home bored and decided to search to see if anyone had anything to say about the LPN to RN ladder program at AH and stumbled upon this post. NoAverageLPN, I believe I know who you are considering we were both accepted and graduated from the same class. The question is: do you know who I am and do you like my username? I will give you a hint as to my identity: I am professional and appropriate at ALL times...Any guesses??? FB page, hahahaha

    And as for the person asking for thoughts on the AH nursing program-I have plenty, but none of them are really that positive...
  8. by   carme76
    I made it into the RN program