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Hi I am currently attending Baker of Clinton Township and will be applying for the nursing program in the fall as well as taking the Kaplan. I was just wondering if anyone knew how many people applied for the fall semester and... Read More

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    I'm sure you will make the cut!! 92.65 seems like you are in very good standings! Good job!
    Just wondering... How did you figure out how may points you received for the Kaplan exam? I will be taking the Kaplan in June and I am just trying to figure out how well I need to do on the Kaplan to be in a good position points wise.
    Also, do you have any studying tips for the Kaplan exam? Anything is appreciated! Thanks so much! =]

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    This wait is absolutely killing me. It has been like one huge count down since I took my kaplan... I worked my tushy off to get the grades I got, and out of a total of 100 points possible I know I have 92.52 points. Not that it even matters. Right at the moment it is nothing but a number as there are not averages to work with... the wait is killing me though really. My classes were as follows. Comp 1 : A Comp 2: A Speech : A- Psych 111: A A&P1: A A&P2: A- Nutrition: A- Patho: A- Into to Micro: A Algebra: B Both Computer courses were A's - I also scored an 86% on my Kaplan- I am so nervous about getting into the program I am almost sick! How did you guys do? Are you feeling confidant?

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