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Applying for RN positions with pending MI license.

  1. 0 I was just wondering if any of you applied for jobs before you had your license? Or if you received a response from any potential employers if you did?

    The reason I'm asking is because, I sent away for my Michigan license around the 12th of September (I know it can take up to 6 weeks from the time I received the letter from Michigan stating they have my documents) I have already taken the NCLEX exam and have a Minnesota license and I currently have my Visa Screen which would allow me to work in the US (I'm from Canada and I live across from Detroit) I'm anxious to start working but just wondered from those of you who work in the Detroit or SE Michigan, if you had more of a response from potential employers when you actually have the paperwork.

    Hope you guys are all enjoying this awesome weather!
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    I got a job with a pending so go for it the process of transferring my FL license by snail mail is a bit maddening lol all part of being the "microwave" generation lol
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    Most healthcare employers (the larger organizations, at least) are v. familiar with job applicants who aren't yet licensed in the state. If you have a valid license in another state, they know that it's basically just a matter of time how long it will take to get the new license, and they probably have a much better idea than you do (as someone new coming into the state) how long that will take. I've done this a few different times in my career (job-hunting in a new state in which I'm not yet licensed), and it's never been an issue.
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    I have a question about how you filled out your Michigan RN licensure application. I am also Canadian. I was wondering if you could give me any advice/tips on how to navigate through the application process. I already have one question about the application form. What did you fill in for the U.S. Social Security Number spot? I haven't wrote my NCLEX yet- I was going to do it through Michigan, but do you think that getting it through MN is easier? I live in Ontario as well and would like to work in Michigan. Any advice would be much appreciated.