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So I was searching on the internet for LPN programs in Michigan or Ohio, and this school popped up. I've never heard of them, I was wondering if anyone else had? I called the phone number, and they... Read More

  1. by   mrsraggs01
    she lives near the school so she do her clinicals in ohio
    she will finish in 2009 i believe march i think she said we'll start cliicals like the 2nd or 3rd week into the program these are just ur basic cna clinicals she said she likes it
    she said u must always get a 79 % or higher in the class rooms though if u fail the semester or mod u have to start all over from the beginning and pay the cost out of ur pockets i think

    clinicals are on fridays i believe from 6-2:30
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  2. by   Sirena922
    Cool! I cant wait.
  3. by   mrsraggs01
    hey are u ready to take the net i went to the school as a stand in a was able to take it on friday i hope i passed i think i did well but i missed a few math problems when the study guide say don't stay on one problem to long u should really listen
    i thought the math was really ok but the reading u have to pick the best answer i think their all are right but you must pick the rightr one i guess according to them so i wish u luck
  4. by   mrsraggs01
    the class that just started in oct wasn't even filled up i heard only 20 something students started i wish i had of known
  5. by   Sirena922
    HEY Msraggs whats a stand in? Im as ready as i can be. Was the it alot of people there taking the test? Was the test anything like that book they told us we should get cause i bought it.
  6. by   mrsraggs01
    hey sirena a stand or sit in is where u go on the test dates scheduled b4 ur test date if you like and see if they have any empty seats available the lady there said that she never turned anyone away so i was luck me and about 5-6 others the test is just like everything in the book to study so if ur ready u should do good i'm still waiting for my results good luck!!
  7. by   bacy72
    Hi there. I recently graduated from Athena Career Academy. I was part of their first graduating class. I also recently passed the NCLEX-PN in Ohio. Yes it is more expensive than the other LPN schools in the area, but you do get in right away, which is why I went there. I don't know what else to tell you, but let me know if you have any specific questions. Good luck!
  8. by   Sirena922
    Congrats Bacy72! Have you gotten employment yet? And if so is the salary what you expected? How long was the program and how far did you have to travel everyday?
  9. by   bacy72
    Thank you. I am just now starting my job hunt and am looking for $20 plus an hour. One girl I graduated with is starting out at $23 per hour. The program lasted for 1 year, a very long year! I honestly drove one hour each way. After the first quarter it wasn't bad, because it wasn't everyday. For some of the clinical sites I drove well over an hour though.
  10. by   Sirena922
    So it wasn't everyday? How many day's was it, and is Athena in Toledo? The person that has the job already, are they working in Michigan or Ohio? Last thing, is Athena's entrance exam hard, and do you have they're number? Thanks
  11. by   shurleyZ
    Athena nursing school in Toledo, Ohio is Terrible!!!!!!!!! The Instructor turn over rate is obsurd due to their unprofesionalism. The tuition is outrageously high. The only reason anyone goes to this school is because there is no waiting list. Well guess why there is no list, because this place is garbage. Go to any school but this one!!!!
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  12. by   lacy99
    hI, I graduated from TSPN in 05. It was a good school, I met some great people their. I am now doing my RN at Excelsior.....I only needed 13 classes at the time to get my RN, good luck....
  13. by   subi997

    did you end up atttending athena or not ?

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