Anybody awaiting Baker College acceptance letters? - page 5

Hello, anybody else out there awaiting acceptance letters for the fall 2012 at baker in clinton twp??... Read More

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    Suzanne : Good luck to you, too

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    Quote from chellehiller
    Suzanne : Good luck to you, too
    Thank you!
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    contemplating hunting down my mail man!! lol....
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    Wow, I feel so sorry for you guys! Baker of Owosso knew by June 20th via email. I would have died if I had to wait this long. We also already have our fall schedule and I've already started to buy books, scrubs and stethoscope. Our cut off was 84 up to 95, I also saw that you guys weren't sure in how to calculate points? They calculated them for us as we left the Kaplan test, that would have driven me nuts! Good luck to everyone here, it seems everyone if finding out today!!
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    Also about the reapplication point, I heard the exact opposite! I read they are now giving two points instead of 1 for the next time applying. Again, good luck to everyone out there. Feels good that there is people as crazy as me with checking the mail and email religiously!!
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    I am in!!!! Oh my gosh i am so excited!!!!' see you there!!!!
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    Quote from mistydbuffa
    I am in!!!! Oh my gosh i am so excited!!!!' see you there!!!!
    Congratulations Misty!
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    Thank you.
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    how do you know what the cut off was?
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    I have my acceptance letter! So much to do now, yay!

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