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hi guys, I am applying to Wayne State University's traditional BSN program for Fall 2012. I just wanted to see if there were any other anxious people out there. I am so glad that it's getting... Read More

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    I work at the college and will be graduating this May. Congrats to all of the new admits...i met you at the orientation in July. WSU takes typically 48 traditional and 48 cd2. Rumors of taking more students are just that, rumors. Interviews are typically held in June, but if your pre-reqs are done before the Winter semester you're applying you can interview in May (I did). Simple questions like how are you going to pay for it, do you have a car, why nursing, etc. Seriously dont stress about the interview. GPA, yea it needs to be high 3.5 plus or don't bother applying. Repeats, prolly shouldn't apply either. The whole you have to do pre-reqs at Wayne State is stressed, but my class has slightly under 50% of people who took classes at other schools. I took 3 main bio courses at another college and got in no problem (had a full ride at WSU though). It wouldn't hurt doing shawdowing with a nurse, they're thinking about making a new requirement possibly, the college is sick of people getting in and then dropping because "nursing is not for them". So go follow a nurse around for a couple shifts. If you do get in, congrats its a good program. personally if you want a shoo-in look at D-Mercy or Madonna. Yea they cost more but so less stressful. We had 2500+ applying my year, and they take do they math on your chances. This year the advisors said even more applied.
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    hey I had a quick question, seeing that you said having a 3.5 GPA is good or higher, my sciences are 3.5 but my psychs weren't so good, could you get in having good science GPAs ?? stressing here

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