Any recent new hires at University of Michigan?

  1. 0 Hi,

    I am in the process of applying and interviewing at UM Hospital. I was just wondering if there are any RNs that can offer any information on the hiring process, orientation and unit-based preceptorship? Thanks.
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    I start orientation for Motts ER Nov 28th, first application and resume went out Sept 16th, my husband & I didn't expect it to happen so fast, we are relocating to MI beginning of Nov and can't wait! For me it's going home because I was raised in SE MI
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    Hi ZooMommyRN,

    Have you did the background check yet? If so, what does that entail? Thanks.
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    it should be coming through my email in a few days according to the manager, I'm not concerned as I had an FBI background check 3-1/2yrs ago to get my FL license since I hadn't been a FL resident for 5 yrs, I'll let you know when I get it.
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    Thanks and congratulations!
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    Thanks and good luck to you!
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    The background was really nothing lol Still waiting on the MI license, of course it's only been 3 weeks lol Just nervous I won't have it in time to start orientation Nov 28th, have you gotten a start date?
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    Hi ZooMommyRN,

    Yes, I start next Monday. Hooray! I cannot wait. Good luck with the Michigan Board of Nursing. They took so long with me it was ridiculous. I had to write a Michigan Senator in order to get them to act on my endorsement application from Indiana. Only after he called them, did my endorsement come through. A friend of mine did the same thing and got hers. Read up on this board about how slow they are. I am sending you lots of positive energy that it will come through in time for you! What shift will you be working?
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    Can anyone tell me about the length of preceptorships at UofM? I hope to get a job there when I graduate in 2013.

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    Couple of questions regarding working at the U: how long is new grad orientation? Is there a verbal or written time commitment that you must work on the unit (I've heard 18 mths)? Must that commitment be fulfilled on the unit you hire in to or can you transfer internally?

    Hypothetically: if you were offered the job for a position that you like (getting foot in the door) and applied and received an interview for a position you LOVE, would you interview for the 2nd position? Keep in mind, you haven't even started at the accepted "like" position yet. If so, how do you do so w/o stepping on toes and looking bad within the system? Is it better to let the perfect job slip away so as to say within the U?

    Also-can someone comment in regards to when benefits start, how's the insurance, etc.

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    If you apply to more than one position then don't accept until you have completed all interviews, I was lucky, applied to the only open position available in what I wanted at the time and got it. Insurance is dated the first day of your orientation and you can enroll within a few days of starting orientation. New grad orientation will depend on the unit, anywhere from 3-6 months, not sure how transferring and such goes, I don't plan on transferring out anytime soon Insurance is at an awesome price compared to what I was paying in FL. Good Luck, they had quite a hiring push recently because the new hospital opens in the morning!
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    Does anyone know whether they hire ADN grads or do they only hire BSN's?

    Im from MI but left in 2010 to complete an ADN program in Cincinnati, OH. I will be finishing up with the program in June and my family really wants me to come back home. But if theres not a chance of me even being considered for a position then Im just going to move to TX.

    Any thoughts?
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    From what I hear it varies from unit to unit, some managers won't give a new grad ADN a second glance, others will, I'm an ADN with close to 4 yrs, my co worker that started the same day as me is an ADN with <2yrs and none of it ED, we were both hired into the Ped ED, best thing to do is try, I know there are several openings listed now so try applying and see what happens. Good Luck

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