ADN programs without waiting lists / 2 year BSN (non-accelerated) programs? ADN programs without waiting lists / 2 year BSN (non-accelerated) programs? | allnurses

ADN programs without waiting lists / 2 year BSN (non-accelerated) programs?

  1. 0 Which ADN programs in MI have no waiting lists and take students who are transfers into the start of their nursing program (i.e. don't require that you took your prerequisites at their school)?

    Are there any BSN programs in this state that are shorter than 3 years long once you're admitted to the actual nursing program? I know MSU's program is 2 years long, but are there other ones that go through the summers?

    I'm a sophomore and I've decided on nursing, the problem is I won't be done with my prereqs until the end of this year...I'm looking to do a program that is shorter than 3 years. My school's program is 3 years long, so I'll have to transfer, or complete my bachelor's (I'm on track to finish it in 3 years instead of 4) and do an accelerated program, which is something I want to avoid since they're so expensive.
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    OCC - Oakland Community College has no wait list, but the gpa cutoff requirement basically means you need a 4.0 to guarantee a spot. The cutoff for Fall 2011 students was 3.88 I believe. If you have higher than that (pre-reqs factored only), then go for it. The program is two years long, application deadline Dec. 15. It's also a great way to go financially.
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    Madonna University is a BSN program which is 2 years long once you start the actual programa nd there is no wait-list and students are admitted twice a year for fall and winter. The only thing they dotake transfers but prefer you to have completed 12 ch there at the time of application.
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    Regarding associate degree programs, neither Wayne County Community College (District), Macomb Community College, nor Monroe Community College has a waiting list. However, from what I understand, WCCCD lost its NLN accreditation within the last several years.

    Lack of accreditation could be a detriment to the pursuit of baccalaureate or higher studies in nursing, as some accredited programs will not accept transfer credits from unaccredited programs. Furthermore, in this economy, there could come a point--if it hasn't arrived already in certain areas of the country--when employers will give hiring favor to graduates of accredited programs.

    As far as bachelor's programs, last time I checked, the very pricey University of Detroit Mercy did not have a waiting list for either its traditional or its accelerated BSN programs. Come to think of it, as far as the BSN programs in the Metro Detroit area are concerned, the only ones with a waiting list, that I'm aware of, are the traditional and accelerated BSNs at Oakland University.

    Nevertheless, my information may be outdated. Updates/corrections to this information will be greatly appreciated!
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    Everything is correct as far as I know except that I believe Oakland is doing away with their waiting list this year too. The only school with a waiting list is Schoolcraft, at least that I can think of.
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    Henry Ford Community College also has a waiting list.
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    Thank you very much, guys and gals I have been researching like crazy and I have a list of programs I want to apply to, so I am not trying to get allnurses to do my application homework for me, but I had no idea about OU dropping their waitlist or WCCCD not being accredited anymore. This is extremely helpful
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    Hi iluvpatho,

    You mentioned that OU is doing away with their waiting list... do you have any info on, when will this occur? How are they going to handle this... will it be strictly on grades, ect.

    Any info you can share would be helpful. I was supposed to be eligible to apply this month... but had to drop my Organic class because of a work conflict... the next time I can take it is in the fall, and I am wondering if I will be affected.

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    I thought they were doing it from now on but I may be wrong. I think they are just going on GPA but not really sure, just check out there web-site.
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    I emailed OU about their waiting list or lack thereof and got a form email back about how all prospective students must attend an information session. No answer to my question or not. I'm not impressed, not that they actually need my application to fill their program But every other school I've contacted with a question has had a real, live person email me back...nor would I spend a dollop of gas money to attend an information session if the school has a waiting list.
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    OCC and Davenport, no waiting list.
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    For those willing to travel - The Upper Peninsula (of Michigan), has no waiting lists for Gogebic Community College (Ironwood campus) for the LPN & AD degrees and Finlandia University (Hancock, MI) is one of the few BSN accredited schools that has small classes under 20 students and NO Waiting List!!!

    To be fair, the simulation room equipment is sparse, but the extensive patient contact time is great. I transferred as a sophomore to Finlandia BSN and never looked back. Its a good school that gives weekly clinical training in each of the three clinical years. Despite being a private school, a decent GPA 3.0 and ACT/SAT score will practically guarantee scholarship money. Tuition has been comparable to down-state Michigan nursing schools. The extra clinical time will definitely make me a better nurse graduate in 2017.