2015 WCCCD Nursing Students Hopefuls

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    Hey Future RN's!! :-)

    I'll be applying to the program next spring. I must say I can't wait. I have 2 prereqs left to take (A&P II and Microbiology) and also need to take the HESI...

    I know these two classes are tough, however, I'm considering taking both this Summer and HESI in the fall or winter. Has anyone taken these two together?

    Thank you for any feedback ;-)
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    Welcome to AN! I'm sure you will get lots of feedback concerning programs, but I wanted to offer this bit of advice: please, PLEASE change your avatar. People have often been faced with disciplinary measures (up to and including termination from school programs and employment) because of remarks placed on message boards such as this. Details such as where you go to school, what your pre-nursing occupation is, etc can be fodder for a nut to find you, too. It is STRONGLY suggested that you keep your face and name, etc as anonymous as possible....you just never know when a co-worker, teacher, nurse manager, or whatever will find something objectionable enough in something you've posted to take it up the chain of command....and leave you very unhappy.

    That said, I wish you the best in your pursuit of a nursing degree
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    Okay, Thank you! :-)
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    And I love your new avatar
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    Well thank you, lol. ;-)