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I am a black male. 18 years old and I'm enrolled in college. I plan to become an RN when I am 20. However, I've been told that the nursing field is becoming difficult to get a job with no experience. This is highly... Read More

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    Around here most of the ADN grads haven't had a problem finding a job. A few even got jobs at magnet facilities. The bigger cities have more competition so you're probably better off applying at smaller community hospitals first, but I know ADN new grads who were hired at well known facilities too. I don't know what area of SC you're in, but I saw a post a few days ago where an ADN new grad from SC was saying most of her hospital is ADN nurses and in her region they don't have a problem finding jobs.

    A CNA job, or any job in healthcare, will help you because it gives you some sort of healthcare experience, you make connections, and hospitals will usually interview internal applicants first before outsiders. I have seen job postings that have said "2 years of RN experience required. However, new grads with CNA, ED tech, LPN, or student nurse intern experience welcome to apply" With so many people going for their BSN, having a healthcare job as an ADN may give you an advantage.

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    What college are you going to? Is it a community college or profit college? Be careful with the profit colleges that are always advertising on the TV. Make sure you take only the minimum student loans and make sure they are govt loans. Stay away from private loans. You have to fill out the fafsa to get govt student loans.

    Good luck!
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    I have heard that North Dakota and Texas have the best job markets for new grads. I don't know if the job market is going to change that much in 2yrs. Personally, I think a unit secretary is a better job to move into a RN position not a CNA.
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    California is TOUGH. I got super lucky on the position I'm at, especially in the market right now. But rumor says, 2014 is "the year". Like what everyone says, keep applying.

    Here are tips in nursing school.. build strong connections, these connections are the ones writing your letter of recommendations, forwarding your application to a manager, or telling you about a position at the hospital. Utilize everything you can, and really introduce yourself and offer yourself.
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    here in charleston sc there are a few health systems: MUSC, Roper st francis, east cooper, the VA hospital downtown, then trident out towards Summerville. from what I have heard MUSC is a little uppity and likes BSN's. the VA likes experienced nurses. East cooper doesn't care about ADN/BSN, and they hire new grads for certain floors. Trident is not bad either, and they have lots of RN jobs posted in all sorts of specialties currently and they usually do. Roper is somewhere in the middle. I wouldn't count them out though. Of course, once you get some experience and do a rn-bsn (can do online through one of 4 state schools for really cheap) you will be more marketable and can apply to whatever hospital you would like, and have a better shot. There are plenty of jobs in SC. That big health center near Myrtle beach is always trying to find RN/NP/PA, and charleston and columbia both have good markets. look on the hospital's web sites, and you will see that they all have RN jobs posted.
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    Sometimes you have to make your own breaks. At the time I graduated there was a nursing surplus after several years of shortages. While my classmates were doing nothing about employment I was sending letters and resumes to every hospital in my area. I got an interview with one hospital two weeks before we graduated, and I was offered a job to start immediately after licensing. I had a job offer before we were even finished, while some of my classmates were still piecing together part time jobs a year later. Not saying that this always works, but someone who takes extra initiative will be chosen over someone who doesn't.

    Good luck in your job search.

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