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I'm moving in abouta year and a half from small town in Missouri to Boston, MA. Can someone tell me what most major hospitals require as a nurse. LPN? RN? Or BSN? What is the average salary of a... Read More

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    An RN, even with a BSN, typically doesn't make $105,000/year in Boston. Salary Wizard- Do you know what you're worth? of living is also much higher here. If your goal is education and you have children you might want to consider loans/grants to go to school (grants don't have to be paid back, and if you make less than a certain amount a year a Pell grant can go a long way to funding your undergrad education ) so you don't have to work full time. Nursing isn't the best track to med school. You dont need a BSN to go to med school, you just need a bachelors degree in any subject with the proper math and science classes. After med school you have to do a residency, where unless you went to med school on a scholarship, you will be a couple hundred thousand dollars in debt, work full time hours, and make less money than the nurses for 3-6 years depending on your specialty (think about making $50,000/year and being in debt to loan companies that don't let you wait until residency is over to start paying them back). I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just trying to help you look at the reality. You might want to consider nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist as long term goals. You get a significant pay increase in both, and compared to med school they are much cheaper and flexible for a single parent. I'm also not saying not to go to med school, I just think you should pick either doctor or nurse, because becoming a nurse won't speed up the process of becoming a doctor, in fact it may delay it because you will have to take extra courses to meet the med school requirements. You should contact the universities that interest you and talk to someone in admissions before you make any life altering decisions. Med school will be enough work, don't add to it more than you have to!

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