"Male Nurse"? "Female Doctor"?

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    Anyone else annoyed when people call you a "male nurse"? Maybe it goes something like this:

    Person: What do you do?
    You: I'm a nurse.
    Person: Oh, you're a male nurse? Wow, thats interesting.

    It annoys me because, no - I'm not a male nurse. I'm a nurse. Being a male has nothing to do with it. A penis does not make you more or less qualified.

    Do you think female doctors ever have the same conversation?

    Person: What do you do?
    Female doctor: I'm a doctor
    Person: Oh, you're a female doctor? Wow, thats interesting.

    Probably not....
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    I feel the same way. One should not have to apply his/her sex to a title. Like you said "Female Doctor".
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    You could always turn away, pull out your waist band, look down and say "let me check... yup still male", but I'd bet the sarcasm would be lost on those people.
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    At least there not calling you a murse LOL
    Kidding, I hate it to. I find myself dealing with that as well and I'm only in nursing school.
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    Quote from quakerkid
    Do you think female doctors ever have the same conversation?

    Person: What do you do?
    Female doctor: I'm a doctor
    Person: Oh, you're a female doctor? Wow, thats interesting.

    Probably not....
    Here in Texas, they're actually frequently referred to as "ladydoctors" (it's one word in Texan, not two). I find that much more demeaning than the term "male nurse" for some reason.

    As a nurse, you'll learn to just shake your head, smile, and keep going. This is an appropriate time to do just that.
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    I remember when I was in school and working as a tech, the patients would say "oh, you're going to be a male nurse?" and I would reply "well, it would be pretty tough for me to be a female nurse." they usually either got confused or shut up pretty quickly. When I get that name now, I usually still mention that it's a given that since I have a goatee and am a nurse that I am both male and a nurse and the term is technically correct but I prefer to just be their nurse, or Erik, as that is my real first name. But "hey you" is usually a good way to get my attention too, as long as you don't abuse it.

    anyone ever get that one? "hey you... the guy/male/dude nurse!" as you walk past a patient's room? jeez people just say "excuse me!"
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    When I was in school people would ask, "Oh, you're studying to become a male nurse?" Depending on who was doing the asking, the answer would sometimes be, "No I'm studying to become a nurse. I got the male part down already - just ask your girlfriend".
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    One of the best come backs I've heard is "No. I take care of females, too."
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    In my part of the country, being a doctor and female raises very little eyebrows. However, being a nurse and being male occasionally still does. For the most part, I believe it has to do more as to why I would choose a profession of perceived less status and money than for one that offers more. At times, my response is simply one or the other...I do not have the headaches of billing, or having my payments reduced by insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid for my hard work. or my not needing to worry how I am going to have to cough up an ever growing malpractice insurance premium, often totalling in the thousands. It is also nice to be able to clock out and go home without getting that 3am phone call for Tylenol. Pick or choose....many patients finally get it. Sometimes, nursing has a lot more going for it that is often left unsaid. Plus, the pay is not so bad.
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    I feel like I'm more or less over it.

    I comfort myself with the thought that I make a lot of money, work with some hot chicks, and never have to worry about getting in a bar fight.

    Really, who wants to risk having to tell your friends you got your butt kicked by a male nurse?

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