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Hi Everyone, I'm in a BSN right now and have about 3.8 gpa and everything is going well. I've heard that the market is oversaturated with nurses and people are really having difficulty finding... Read More

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    I've never heard of any quotes either. I have heard of men having an easier time finding work. I currently work as an aid in a teaching hospital in the Boston area, and our HR representative told me new grads who are not internal do not get hired. There are already so many internals graduating every year that we generally take care of ours own first. So to reiterate Kspices advice, get a job as a tech someplace you want to work now as seniority is important.

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    No quotas. The bias is experience. My supervisor was telling me about our last job opening. She had 42 applicants for 1 job most of the applicants being new grads and a couple who had experience. She was throughly unimpressed with the experienced RNs and did not want to hire any of them. However because they had exp she had to do all kind of extra work (about 2 days worth of meetings/paperwork) to justify hiring a new grad.

    Just take the 1st job (unless its psych and you have no interest in being a psych RN) you get offered. Right now no matter what your GPA is you are limited until you get that all important 1st year under your belt. Think of it as your final year of RN school.

    For regions that are hiring: I think Texas's ecomomy hasn't blown up, and I think the market in DC is also decent for new grads but that's all I can think of.
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    Quote from caroladybelle
    No quotas for dudes that I know of.

    lol. Quotas. I'm thinking that's why I made a phone call on a whim one day and in the course of an hour I'd been accepted to a BSN nursing school, lol.
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    It is true there are quotas to be filled, in Nursing males are a minority. When I graduated I knew of 10 guys that all applied to the same residency and we were all hired. We made up 20% of the new hires
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    Here is my issue. I have 23 years of very strong and diversified ICU/CCU/Intermediate Care experience. I left the field for 6 years. I came back and finished a RN refresher course at the end of June. I did exceptionally well in the course. My preceptor told me following my clinical section that I was very much ready to go back to nursing and into ICU. He stated you are ready! It made me realize that I had really not forgotten anything. My wife and I live in Washington state. There is a very large number of nurses job hunting and few jobs. It is a hospital employer's market for sure. The hiring atmosphere is cold and indifferent for the most part. No one wants to hire here unless you have current experience. There are nurse residency programs here but very far and few have openings. I even saw a job posting for ICU that said you had to have at least a year of ICU experience for the residency! Crazy. With my experience I know I am v=better qualified than a large number of nurses working in ICU's here.I have considered traveling but you have to have at least 6 months current clinical experience before travel agencies will talk to you. .....I am stuck!!!!
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    male nurses are no exception to the economy.
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    I am very aware of that. Just stating my situation here. I have done hospital related work many years (35) and never thought nursing as a profession would be like this. There was a day that it was common for hospitals to offer bonus incentives to hire on! I was in that situation in 2002. The entire northwest is the single worse large region now for hiring.

    If anyone wanted to know if they should go into nursing now.......well, I would be honest and tell them to wait and watch the trends in the future. It is no longer the secure profession it was for most of it's history.
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    I hope the situation improves then! I will finish in 2013, will be 30 when I'm done, and I don't have a plan B!

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