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Im a male and I'm currently working on the pre-requisites for BSN. Any advice?? I really would like to start off here and eventually get more experienced and go on to be a practitioner or PA. Has... Read More

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    Thanks for that =]. Im planning on trying to volunteer so I can take a closer look inside and see how I feel about it. While I work on my basics of course!
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    Anyone have any experiences with judgment calls?? What type are made by a nurse?? I'm just wondering, thanks for any experiences =]
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    You make judgement calls all the time. Some of its mundane and should be rather obvious (for example last night I had a Russian speaking patient who stated at intake that she had no allergies, when I talked to her via translator she has a allergy to lidocaine which the doctor ordered) to gut feelings (my patient doesn't look good, why don't we go ahead, check a pulse ox and do an ekg)
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    Were you very nervous when you first started to make these type of decisions?? How did you over come them??
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    You start with small things and you'll get more confident as you're exposed to more.
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    Cool what advice would you give to someone like me who wants to get into nursing?
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    Do well in your science courses. Get your feet wet in health care by working as a cna or emt. Look at schools that you will potentially go to and use the most rigorous prerequisite requirements as a guide.
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    I am in college working on my BSN right now. Afterwards, I plan to finish up my prereqs for medical school. Although, if I decide not to do the prereqs or just decide to go to medical school, I will always have nursing and I would go to aprn school. The nursing field is very exciting and flexible, which is why I chose it instead of an undergrad degree in some premed science.

    If you want to become a physicians assistant, I would just recommend doing an undergrad degree in biology. Biology, a long with most sciences, will have all of the prereqs for PA school. If you rather decide to do a bachelor of science in nursing, it would be more economical to become an aprn.
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    There is always getting your LNA (licensed nursing assistant) and then taking the course to give medicines. MNA (medication nursing assistance). We have 2 sides (north and south, 1 side gets the Nurse and the other side a MNA. It works out well where I work.

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