I PASSED - page 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, BlackMurse1 is an official RN. Got my results today from Pearson, I passed at 75 questions...... :bow: :w00t: :yeah: :up:... Read More

  1. by   Keke06
    Congrats, I recently passed my exam about a week ago at 75 questions.. There are no words to describe it..
  2. by   jonathanrisko
    Congrats and enjoy it, you KNOW you worked hard for it.
    Relish the rewards
  3. by   patty89
  4. by   jadelpn
    YAY!!!!!! Many, Many congrats!!
  5. by   KG,RN
    Congratulations buddy!
  6. by   ElMexicanRN
    Congrats Fellow Male Nurse. or shud i say Gaylord Fauker lol.....
  7. by   Brannray
    YAY!!!!! I'm super happy for you!!!! I can't wait to say that I'm an official RN!!! =)