Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor? - page 6

So, I have heard some stories of female doctors being mistaken for nurses...so I was wondering this: have you, as a male nurse, been mistaken for a doctor?... Read More

  1. by   Dom the Canadian
    When I was at nursing school I was always mistaken as a medical student on shifts. Can't speak as an RN, I only recently graduated and registered.
  2. by   GitanoRN
    Unquestionably, from the very beginning of my long career I been called many things and yes, one of many tittles is "Hey Doc" which I correct immediately; even though I keep my picture ID very visible. However, at the end of the conversation the patient ends with "Okay doc, see you later" On the other hand, I been asked "Why didn't you become a doctor?" which I reply a doctor comes and sees the patient for no longer than 5 or 8 minutes My passion lays on giving a higher caliber of nursing care which allows me to be present from the very beginning of any patient under my care and thereafter, knowing that I witness their path to a healthy physical and state of mind. On the other hand, I also like to be present when there's no hope and my job is to make their suffering a little more doable by supporting them trough the hard times, which at times just being there and listening is more comforting than any given medication.
  3. by   Silver_Rik
    As a 50 year old nursing student and CNA with silver hair, in scrubs and maybe wearing a lab coat? All the time
  4. by   osceteacher
    Yes, particularly on icu as we all wear the same scrubs. It's a generation thing, now our F1s are 80% female, so in the future it's unlikely.