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If a female patient wasn't comfortable with a male patient seeing her "woman parts" for a specific procedure or something (and would rather have a female nurse do it), do you guys take it personally?... Read More

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    doesn't bother me a bit, it's their choice...i'm there to help them out
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    Add my vote to the "I wouldn't mind a bit" category. I remember the first time a doc asked me to drop my pants for my first sports physical and I said, "Wait, what?" I'm uncomfortable any time I'm in a hospital and a stranger is handling my twig and berries. If that's what makes the patient more comfortable, then that's a good thing.

    Note to self: have a talk with mom about "why I hate surprises"...
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    As a CNA in a hospital rehab unit, there are many, many patients that will not let me help them ambulate to the bathroom, dress and undress, etc etc etc.

    It is frustrating when one out of every three patients will not let you take care of them. The Docs on this unit are male.
    Do I take it personally? Nope.

    It puts a strain on the rest of the healthcare team though.

    Im actually more surprised these days when I tell a female patient that it's time to into a night gown and they take their shirt off without hesitation.
    When that happens, I think "Faith in humanity restored"