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If a female patient wasn't comfortable with a male patient seeing her "woman parts" for a specific procedure or something (and would rather have a female nurse do it), do you guys take it personally?... Read More

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    Discrimination is defined as "treating someone unfairly due to prejudice". Notice the qualifier: prejudice, the irrational dislike/distrust of someone based on an attribute they have no control over.

    Classifying as discrimination a patient's request for a nurse of the same gender is utter nonsense. 99% of the time, the request is based on the patient's sense of modesty, or on personal reasons such as those given by the above poster. Not everyone has the same standards of personal modesty, but it is patronizing and wrong for us nurses to label someone else's beliefs regarding modesty as discrimination.
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    Quote from Sacred eagle
    If a hospital has a L&D ward anda mammo dept you can beguaranteed that there are nomales working there. You aregiving your female patients choicesautomatically yet not accommodating your male patients. That is flat out gender discrimination and puts hospitalsin a very precarious positions.
    Guaranteed? Really? The two hospitals I delivered my daughters at (one a well known major teaching hospital the other a Catholic based hospital) both had L&D wards as well as mammo depts and at BOTH I had male nurses, one during the delivery of one of my daughters, the other a post-partum nurse for my 2nd daughter. Both hospitals also had male nurses in the NICU where my daughters were patients. As for if there were any mammography employees who were male I have no idea. But as I said both hospitals had L&D units as well as mammo depts and both had male nurses working in the L&D units. So much for being guaranteed there are no males working there.

    I personally had no issues or problems with any of the staff who were my nurses, male or female. My OB was a male so why would I have a problem with a male who happened to be my nurse?
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    In one word... No.
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    Not at all!! If a patient requests a nurse of the same gender then I fully respect their privacy.
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    I don't take it personally. You have to take into consideration a lot of things. Perhaps they are old fashioned and don't feel right having a male nurse seeing them in such a vulnerable state. Not only that, but you have to take into consideration their past history. Maybe they have been abused or mistreated and they are just very uncomfortable having a male nurse. The best thing to do is let them know that you are a professional and if they still want to have a female nurse instead, then respect their wishes.
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    I feel we are truly outsiders. I lost a jobas a hospice aid while in nursing school when I was told by a manager that myeducation interfered with my availability and was told outright to quit school,and I was eventually fired outright while female aides in my position wereopenly encouraged to study. When being introduced to the schools nursingprogram the student nurse association brought up the subject of how they offersupport to students who may be in abusive relationships, and I was the onlymale in the room the student rep pointed out directly to me they also help withgay domestic abuse as well. I'm a married hetero it is ridiculous how we areseem as an aberration in this day and age.
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    No I always offer the patient who is ourmain concern the option of a female nurse should one be available, I generallyfind very few refuse a male if given the option as a courtesy
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    Too all commenting that this is discrimination .. What? ?? Ok here are some reasons why it is not first Discrimination is about what someone thinks about you , female (or male ) modesty is about what they think, feel about themselves. second, how are they harming you? you don't do the cath or peri care, or wipe the butt? POOR you ! some days i wish all my patients would request someone else do that stuff for them. Real issue is, the patient is the customer, and the one in a vulnerable position, make them comfortable, quit worrying about how you feel about it.
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    A good friend of my told me she has a male GYN, and said "Well I just wouldn't feel comfortable with a woman looking at me there." I don't think it's discrimination, it's a comfort issue. And what difference does it make? So long as it's individual choice and not a policy enforced by the facility itself.
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    doesn't bother me a bit, it's their choice...i'm there to help them out

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