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I have seen a post or two or more that talk about Men being treated differently than women in Nursing. I am just wondering. Does this really happen that often? Is this really a problem? I... Read More

  1. by   somenurse
    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Maybe I'm living in a bubble, but I have never been asked about my sexuality, never faced negative treatment, and have always loved my professional female colleagues . I have seen them put up with male's crap though-that's a different thread though.
    BostonTerrierLover, you are a dude? ha, i never knew that. I liked your post here, and your posts don't seem to indicate you live in a bubble.

    i really think some individuals--of either gender--- can carry themselves in such a way, as to almost automatically be liked or respected by most ppl.
  2. by   NurseGuyBri
    I suppose I am the stereotypical male nurse as I am gay. I think though that there is discrimination in any job or field. I am not flagrant, flamboyant, loud, or prissy. Most people are shocked when they find out. I am always asked to move heavy patients, the younger girls always want me to hang out, so on and so forth. My significant other of 5+ years is an LPN and Unit manager, and I think he feels the same way. I'm a nurse because I like nursing, not because I'm gay.
  3. by   IThinkICan100
    I am currently a nursing student, but I worked in a hospital as a dietetic aide (I would also help with rudimentary patient care.) I was stationed on Tele and Rehab. Most of my patients were elderly women and didn't care about my gender. Although, MANY of the elderly women would hit on me!!! I had one elderly lady very seriously ask if I could come by her room after hours and do the nasty with her!!!

    I only had one problem with a female patient. Even as a dietetic aide, I saw a lot of crazy people, deaths, and nudity. I had one elderly woman that was dressing in her room. I knocked and asked if I could come in multiple times and there was no answer (which almost always meant they were asleep.) I walked in and she was rather shocked. I just apologized and said I would come back later. It was no big deal, but she complained to the nursing staff and was rather rude to me the rest of her stay. She had Alzheimer's, so she forgot the next day. Lol

    I think in the near future us male nurses will have less discrimination in the nursing field. It's just a shift from old social norms.