1. While Joe Pike would never be seen in them, I've taken many a trip to Wal-Mart or the supermarket in sweats and Crocs. Now that I'm starting nursing school, I'm thinking some no-vent "pro" Crocs would be pretty awesome. The only model I can find for my Flintstone feet is the Bistro [link below]. Any experience with these? [Yeah, it's listed under "women," but the sizing is unisex.] Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   MurseCumberbatch2b
    Some of the better ones that I have seen. I just read my student guide and it states we can't have sling back shoes which I believe refers to this style. Could be wrong on that.

    I found these K-Swiss by Cherokee Men's Men's Cylinder Athletic Shoe
    The site had some other shoes that were more masculine too.
  4. by   Krzysztof
    We can wear all-white sneakers, which I'd buy in a minute... except that they need to be all-leather (no mesh component). That makes them like boulders to me. I'm used to running sneaks, not cross-trainers. They did specifically mention that no-vent Crocs are OK, which is why I want to give them a try. I'll post a review once Amazon sends them my way.
  5. by   dah doh
    I've been wearing these crocs in black color for the last few years since I smashed my big toe accidentally and ended up in a huge toe dressing which wouldn't fit regular shoes. The crocs take getting used to. My feet rattle around in them so I toss in an insole that I change out every few months. I've broken the side plastic that allows the strap to hold your foot in, but crocs replaces them for free. I like them except my feet get so hot in them & this last pair is quite squeaky!
  6. by   elkpark
    I love Crocs and wear nothing else for work. They are sooooo comfortable! However, be very sure, before you spend any money, that you are clear on what the dress code requirements for your school are. Lots of nursing programs don't allow clogs or sling-back shows for clinical.
  7. by   juan de la cruz
    I've used them before. Because of the synthetic material, my feet sweat more than usual and I didn't like that. I have worn the side vented ones (molded in such a way that spills don't enter the vent) and they are a better solution to my sweaty feet. They are light and comfortable to wear and very easy to clean. However, I've now started using shoes with better arch support - must be a sign of old age.