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Changing Careers to Nursing as 35 year old man - page 3

I am currently employed in IT but hate it. I've been considering a career change. My wife is a nurse and I am 35 with two young children. There is a local tech school that has an ADN program. I... Read More

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    I am a 31 year old, I was laid off from my job as a correctional officer due to the realignment AB109 in California and decided to go into nursing, I have 7 months to go in my LVN program. It's been a grind but it will be well worth it come next summer...
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    Depending on your long term goal, i would recommend doing the ADN program, work for a year or two then apply for an FNP program. Many of my friends that had current BS in chem, health admin. etc, were able to bridge right into the FNP program and surpass the BSN, depending on what kind of classes you have and how old they are. I am based out of Tampa. hope this helps!