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I've always wanted to be in the health care field. I went back to school in my mid twenties but chose chemistry over nursing, and now I work at a consulting engineering firm as a project manager but I feel my tenure in the... Read More

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    Just do it!

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    I started nursing school at age 41, and am a male. Best decision I ever made.
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    Dude, u are never too late for anything!! Go for it man! U should be proud for considering a career in nursing! It's fun and humbling! U do make a difference in this world with nursing no matter what!! Woo woo!
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    51, just got my BSN. Old kids rock!
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    Quote from scott5698
    43 ha! I'm 50 and graduating in December. You can do anything if u put your mind to it. I'm also in Florida. Best of luck to you!
    You got me beat, but not by much. I'm 50 next week. Still not clear how THAT happened!?
    PS. I like your "Minion" avatar.

    SJ (OP) Although I haven't made it through the program yet, I hoped my advanced age would give you hope!

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    I turned 40 about three weeks after I finished school. It can definitely be done. Good luck.
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    I am 35 yrs old man wants to enter in the health field, but i have a problem i am a fresh immigrant from Bhutan. I have a keen interest to become a health worker since my childhood but i can't reach to that point being a refugee. When i entered in America i plan to start my dream career but i lost some where on the path. From where i can start now and how? So, i need your help, plz can you?
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    I was in my late 30s when I made the decision to go to school, turned 40 about three weeks after I finished school. I went to a community college, and the median age in my class was probably about 35. I had two classmates who were in their late 50s when they finished.

    Your age is far less important than your focus, your ability and your dedication to the profession.
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    I am beginning a BSN program exactly one week before my 50th birthday. How's that for celebrating the half-century mark?
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    I will turn 44 next month and I am starting nursing school in two weeks. Go for it.
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