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I was asked in my last interview that if I am doing discharge, in same time someone ring and im talking in the phone, family or relatives wanna ask something about the discharge, in the same time doctor is looking for patients... Read More

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    Quote from amoLucia
    Thank you for enlightening this cyber dinosaur also. And you're right --- how difficult is a few extra keystrokes?!? Misspelling is another issue. I make typos occasionally, but a reader can spot the difference between accidental typos and poor spelling.
    Exactly... it's just flat-out rude, in this fellow dinosaur's opinion!

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    I would do the quickest stuff first (because none of them is urgent). I would deal with the phone call (unless its long, ask them to hold), then doc chart, explain to patient family I will be with them shortly, use team work and ask someone else to answer the other phone.
    Nursing is team work!
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    Thank you everyone for your valuable time and input. I am sorry for making some of you confused. Yes, I mean me. By the way thanks a lot.

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