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  1. If you love to work in OB, ER, and Med/Surg and you are good at it, love being apart of the new improving education, how do you decide on a job to take if you are offered a job in each field? How would you decide on which job to take?
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  3. by   anotherone
    Hours, orientation period, location, teaching hospital or not, EMR or not, patient ratio, pay, other benefits,
  4. by   karbailey0127
    say one job had a couple of those and the other had a couple of good benefits as well?? What would be a deal breaker for ER and OB?
  5. by   eatmysoxRN
    I would request a tour of the units to see how they seem to flow. Ask about ratios and observe to see if the nurses look overwhelmed and exhausted. No amount of money could deter me from choosing a job I would enjoy over one that paid better. Well, I guess it would depend on the amount. Also ask about orientation to see how long it is.
  6. by   karbailey0127
    How long can orientation last?? determines on hospital??