VA Hospital Westwood Med-Surg Question

  1. Im looking into moving around West Hollywood area and wanting to apply as an RN at the Veteran's Hospital in West L.A.... Does anyone know how much is the salary for an RN with more than 1 year experience? What is the nurse to patient ratio in their Med-Surg floor? What is the environment like on that unit? If you guys have any info...please feel free to share your experience. Thanks.
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  3. by   kijuanxpablo
    I believe the VA is a horrible system to begin with. It's a government job, with nearly everyone protected by the union and many nurses know that they cannot be fired and are very lazy, putting much work on the new nurses and Especially the LPN's ! They pay based on education and experience, plus locality pay based on your location so the pay can vary very much! I dont want to scare you away from the VA, but if you have other options, you should probably take those.
  4. by   kijuanxpablo
    Also, the nurse/pt ratio is generally 4:1 with about 2 CNA's .(In the ED)