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Hi, I'm taking the ANA med-surg certification test in 13 days now, and wondering how prepared I am...on (website of ANA certification), some "practice questions" are listed, , also copy/pasted below. To... Read More

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    Quote from tokmom
    Where are the answers?
    You click on your answers on the webpage (please click on, or copy/paste/ the link referenced - -), press "evluate," and then it tells you right or wrong. Actually, you don't even have to put in answers; just press "evaluate."
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    Update: took the test yesterday, passed it! More to the point of this thread, I did feel that the exam questions were a little harder than the ones that I've posted, although maybe that's because I couldn't automatically check if my answers were correct and I was worried. (For most of the test, I was thinking that I'd wasted my >$400, as I was expecting to fail.) Although my print-out did not include my score, as they had said that it would, so I don't know if I maybe did come close to failing; guess I'll call them up and ask if I can get my score. If not, though, who cares? Hee hee!
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    I have heard the same thing from other nurses regarding how they felt they did. Both said as they were testing that they thought they had failed. In reality they both had passed and done quite well.
    I wish I had my test behind me. Lucky you and again, congrats!!
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    Thank you. Good luck on your test. Yeah, the "behind-me" feeling is good! Just gotta remember, while I was freaking out about it, I still had the same knowledge/capability in me that I do now.

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