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    I worked on a Cardiac PCU/Tele (night shift) for alittle over 6 months directly after graduating. It was at a hospital that did not offer good pay or benefits. I was offered a position at a SNF facility with a much higher pay rate on day shift closer to home. I have always wanted to work as a travel nurse but really need to get back into the hospital to do that. I have applied at three hospitals within 45 min of my home and my application has not been considered. I am applying for med/surg positions. I feel like I am not stuck in SNF/LTC... What can I do to get back in the hospital....

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    Highlight all you do at a SNF that could transfer to a hospital. SNF nurses have to have good assessment skills and be able to multi task with a heavy pt loads. Sell yourself! Get ACLS, PALS. Take a Med/surg course. Show you really want this..

    Take your resume straight to the manager on the floor, introduce yourself and hand them your resume.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks so much for your response. I was getting so discouraged because my applications were not even being considered but I got the chance to speak with a recruiter for a hospital about 30min away this morning. She seemed very interested and I am going to meet her Monday morning
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    Oh good luck! How did it go?
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    I got the job It is certainly not the pay that I make in LTC but the benefits are really great so I start in one week.

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