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    I am now an officially certified Med Surg RN! The test was not nearly as difficult as I expected it to be but I studied for it like the NCLEX so maybe that helped. Now I just need the oncology certification next year....
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    Congrats on your certification!!!

    How long have you worked MS? I've been an LPN 3 years and will be an RN in the spring. Just you recommend starting in MS for experience?? That's a lot of what I'm hearing!

    Kim B.
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    Congratulations! I am still thinking about taking it. Did you take the AMSN or the ANCC? If you took the ANCC, did you buy their study guide? The continuing education credits you had to have, 30 hours(?) how related to med surg were they? I mean, I have >30 hours but it seems like some of them are not really related directly to med surg...
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    Yes, I took the ANCC and no I did not buy any of their books. I used Springhouse Review for the Medical Surgical Nursing Certification and my old NCLEX review book. I completed a bunch of the free CE from the ANA's site and used some from work. They will let you know whether or not if they will accept what you have. They took all of mine and some had to with oncology. It was not nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. The questions are very direct not misleading like the NCLEX.
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    No, I do not think that you need to begin on med/surg. I think everyone should work where they want to and in what they are interested in. I have only been a nurse a little over 2 years. My first year was completely med/surg and this last year has been on an oncology/medsurg unit. Good Luck!
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! I really appreciate it. THe ANCC med surg test is changing in April. The outline for the test is COMPLETELY different. I am wondering if I should take it prior to the test change or not...still on the fence on that one.
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    Thanks for the reply
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    Any tips or tricks? I'm studying for the test now through a local university. My work pays for it. Anyway, I'm already nervous!
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    Congratulations! Remember to keep track of your professional activities for re-certification. It creeps up quick!
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    Thanks Kaye! I was just thinking about that

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